Performance Management

Performance management for better care. Our performance management systems measure and report on operational performance, quality assurance, and most importantly customer satisfaction.  These systems help our clients to improve performance and help demonstate best value, make improvements, recognise and reward exceptional performance and ensure competitiveness.

Robust Systems

Satisfied tenants are our chief concern. We believe that real customer care starts with robust systems that minimise the risk of failure and poor service, and that can deal with undesirable situations and ensure they don’t reoccur. This is why we have developed several systems aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction.

Systems for Customer Satisfaction

  • Operating Procedures and Instructions
  • Customer Care Policy
  • Customer Complaints Procedure
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • Tenant Satisfaction Questionnaire

Protecting Those In Need

Our gas maintenance and gas repairs are proven to significantly improve first time access rates. This is an obvious priority for all registered social landlords, especially when gas maintenance carries a legal obligation. On top of the money you’ll save by having boilers with increased efficiency, your tenants will be much more secure and satisfied.

Our systems can handle both planned maintenance and call out repairs. Our 'Safeguard' system will protect you further, as the tenant is automatically called and given the time, name and security password for the gas engineer coming to see them.