Shropshire Gas Commits to Supporting Good Causes

Shropshire Gas receives requests for assistance and sponsorship from many different people and organisations. In order to review these requests, the company set up a ‘Sponsorship Request Committee’ to decide which are most appropriate and likely to benefit from Shropshire Gas support.

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Partnership Working Wins out for Shropshire Gas Business

Shropshire Gas successfully entered into a strategic partnership with Meres and Mosses Housing Association where a wide range of heating support services are delivered and managed for the Social Housing client. Shropshire Gas supplied a range of heating services to nearly 2000 Meres and Mosses homes over the past five years and now enters into a new Partnership agreement.

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Shropshire Gas announces new contract win

Shropshire Gas has confirmed it has won a competitive tender to provide planned maintenance improvement works to National Housing Trust Properties managed by National Trust Attingham Park Shrewsbury. The contract, which sees Shropshire Gas becoming the National Trust sole partner for these works, recognises the quality and reliability of the company’s gas, oil and multi fuel heating services.

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Shropshire Gas Highly Commended

Shropshire Gas were highly commended by customers at the Meres and Moses ‘meet the customer’ event . The partnership was recognised and praised by householders for its project ‘Reigniting the Customer Experience’, which has improved the way local residents receive heating repair and maintenance services.

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Shropshire Gas Bidding on Success

Shropshire Gas Telford has announced the appointment of new senior office staff in its maintenance bidding business as part of its growth strategy. As part of their role, new staff will have responsibility for the development of an integrated repairs and maintenance service for customers, both locally and regionally.

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Massive Cost Savings to Meres and Mosses Housing in North Shropshire

An innovative low cost central heating installation partnership in Shropshire is saving money. The cost of delivering replacement central heating systems to Meres and Mosses properties across North Shropshire has drastically reduced thanks to an innovative and audacious bid by Shropshire Gas, named by the company as ‘Pilot Heat’.

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Successful Supplier Event held at Shropshire Gas Wellington

Shropshire Gas is celebrating a successful supplier engagement day in Wellington Telford, having welcomed local suppliers and contractors to meet the team and learn more about opportunities to work with the company. Shropshire Gas carries out over 20,000 visits to household heating systems across Shropshire each year.

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Shropshire Gas Offers Training Opportunities to Supply Chain

Market Drayton based Shropshire Gas is providing unique training opportunities to members of its supply chain to help share best practice and promote safe and efficient work processes when providing planned and responsive maintenance services to around 6000 social housing properties across the region.

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Annual Service

serviceV 150Have you had your boiler or fire serviced this year?

To stay safe and warm this winter, we offer a range of affordable service options, from one-off service visits through to Three-Star Service Cover plans that protect your whole system - please Click Here to find out more