Stove Range

We have a stunning range of solid fuel and wood-burning stoves that are a cosy addition to your home. Our team can design, plan and install your fireplace, including all necessary building work required to construct hearths, surrounds and flue installation - along with air vent requirements. 

Choosing your fireplace

Our comprehensive collection of stoves is designed to suit a wide range of tastes and styles. Depending on the model chosen, there's a choice of using coal, solid smokeless fuel, split logs or other wood-based alternatives to meet your individual requirments.

The main considerations when selecting the type of stove to install are:

  • Room size - is the size of the room that it's heating so that the heat output requirments can be suitably matched. Our surveyors can help you pick the right sized stove to keep your room warm and cosy.
  • Flue / Chimney - is there an existing chimney or flue that can be used? We can assist with any other building works that may be required in upgrading or installing your chimney / flue system. 
  • Hearth - you'll need a suitable hearth to locate your stove on. We can assist in designing and installing this if required.
  • Air Supply - depending on your house type, age and heat output of the required stove, we may need to install additional room ventilation. This can be done discretely with slimline air vents.
  • Local Regulations - it may be that your home is in a Smoke Control Area, so you'll need to carefully choose the stove and fuel type. We can help you with this to selection to ensure you comply with any regulations that may be in force in your area. To find out more and check to see if your home is in a Smoke Control Area, you can visit this Government website:
  • Fuel Storage - you'll need to consider where you'll store the fuel. Coal and smokeless fuel can be easily stored in a purpose-made plastic bunker, split logs need to be kept dry whilst still allowing air to ventilate them. We can help guide you as to the best options.

Examples of designs available

Log Burning Stoves

Ideal for burning well-seasoned split logs, these stoves provide exceptional levels of efficiency with the cosy comfort that only a real fire can give.

Multi-fuel Stoves

These stoves offer a wider choice of fuels, from coal and smokeless fuel, through to split logs. The choice of fuel may be restricted by local Smoke Control Area regulations, so a suitable smokeless fuel may be required.

Gas Stoves

Our gas stoves incorporate all the charm and atmosphere of a real fire with a realistic flame picture and glow. Adding warmth and character to any room with their traditionaly styled black cast iron design their stylish design delivers an impressive heat efficiency and output.

Electric Stoves

Electric fires are 100% efficient at the point of use which means no heat is wasted. This is good for the environment and good for your utility bills.
This also means for every kW input you use you get the same kW heat output from the stove.

HETAS Approved

HETAS is the official body recognised by Government to approve biomass and solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services, including the registration of competent installers and servicing businesses. Shropshire Gas is fully approved for this work. Failure to use a HETAS-approved contractor (or alternatively getting a local authority building control inspection) is against the law and may result in your home insurance being invalidated.

Chimney Sweeping and  Safety

As part of our installation, we'll always fit a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector to warn if CO levels are present.

We recommend that you have your stove checked and your chimney swept at least once a year to ensure that your system remains safe and efficient. If left unswept, deposits can build up in your chimney/flue and this not only affects the way in which your stove operates, but it can also present a risk of chimney fires. Home insurer's insist that policyholders show evidence that a chimney has been swept annually by an approved sweep. Failure to do this may invalidate your home insurance, so it's well worth the investment.


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