• County-wide heating system services and support

    County-wide heating system services and support

    We offer comprehensive, cost-efficient services to over 6,000 properties in Shropshire. They’re all getting the benefits of our cover plans and, with just one phone call, you could join them.

  • All types of heating systems, boilers and fuels...

    All types of heating systems, boilers and fuels...

    To find out more about how Shropshire Gas can help keep you safe, warm and save you money, please give us a call or submit an enquiry via our Contact Page

Three-Star Service Cover Plan

That’s a complete Service Care Cover Plan for just £14.91 a month. A breakdown could easily cost you £400 if you need a new part like a heat exchanger. A new radiator could run you £180. They could cost you this much, but our boiler cover means they won’t. Not only that, our cover plan will mean regular servicing for your boiler, ensuring that it’s actually running economically and safely. 

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General Plumbing Services

Need a new outdoor tap to water your plants? Are you fed up with a dripping tap? Whether it's a domestic or commercial property, our highly-trained and skilled team of engineers can assist with all types of plumbing systems. From simple jobs such as repairing a leaking tap through to emergency repairs to a burst pipe, we can cover all plumbing work. 

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Heating Contracts for Housing Providers

Local authorities and Registered Social Landlords are trying to raise the standards of contracts across the country. It means that the service provider takes on more risk on your behalf and we have an imperative to work closely with our clients to ensure trust in the whole supply chain. We’re working with local authorities to bring better heating contracts to Shropshire.

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Boiler and Central Heating System Repairs

You need to know that your gas engineer is worth the money and isn’t overcharging you. With Shropshire Gas you can rest assured that’s the case. We’re bigger than British Gas in the local area, but because we’re not a national company our time and resources are dedicated to providing the people of Shropshire with the best gas engineering possible.

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Gas Safety Reports for Properties

Approximately 30 people die each year as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from poorly installed or badly maintained gas appliances and flues. We can carry out checks to ensure a property's gas boilers, water heaters and fires are safe. This is an annual legal obligation for landlords and quite often something that's required by solicitors during the process of buying and selling properties. 

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