Heating Contracts for Housing Providers

Local authorities and Registered Social Landlords are trying to raise the standards of contracts across the country. It means that the service provider takes on more risk on your behalf and we have an imperative to work closely with our clients to ensure trust in the whole supply chain. We’re working with local authorities to bring better heating contracts to Shropshire.

This ensures that we have a steady stream of revenue, which enables us to continue providing you with a high quality service. 

Making Things Affordable

We’re still significantly cheaper than British Gas for the private market.

Currently the amount you could save is around £190 per year. This is largely because we have standardised systems, because we focus on Shropshire, and because we have relatively low marketing and development costs. Our money goes straight back into providing the service we promise, and this allows us to provide it to an even greater number of people.

Our Different Contracts

The needs of the housing market are what guide our contracts. We offer three different contracts, so you can pick a contract that suits how you want to structure the partnership. These are our 1-star, 3-star and additional plans for plumbing and electrical works.

Shropshire Gas meets the needs of the social housing market by offering three different types of contract depending on how the client wants to structure the partnership arrangement.


Our 1-star contract is the minimum standard that everyone will receive. The arrangement that includes an annual service and safety check, with all repairs, maintenance and replacements. On this contract, work is carried out on a labour and materials basis or a schedule of rates.


Our 3-star contract is our middle package, balancing cost with comprehensiveness. It includes an annual service and safety check, as well as repairs, maintenance and replacement of most components. This package has a one-off annual cost.

Plumbing and Electrical Cover

As an extension to our 3-star contract, for an additional £5 per month, per service, we can add cover for plumbing and electrical works. Please contact us for details.

Annual Service

serviceV 150Have you had your boiler or fire serviced this year?

To stay safe and warm this winter, we offer a range of affordable service options, from one-off service visits through to Three-Star Service Cover plans that protect your whole system - please Click Here to find out more