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Shropshire Multi-Fuel Flue Maintenance Contract

Shropshire Multi fuel Company Shropshire Solid Fuel are pleased to announce that they have entered into a contract to procure planned maintenance and refurbishment works to social landlord owned homes across the district.
The new contract will see the Shropshire Multi Fuel business carry out flue inspections and multi fuel boiler and central heating maintenance to hundreds of properties.

The contract marks an expansion by parent company Shropshire Gas over the coming years.

The company plans to recruit retrain and recruit a new workforce from the local area to work on the project and will also be working with local partners and suppliers, as well as Shropshire Social housing associations in Shrewsbury and Wem. The Multi fuel central heating contracts include servicing, multifuel stoves, gas and oil boiler and chimney sweeping and flue maintenance works that will support the local social housing community.

Shropshire Gas and Shropshire Multi fuel Director Jim Walton of Telford said: “In addition to working with the private landlords in Shropshire, we are looking forward to increasing our workload with Social Housing landlords Severnside Housing in Shrewsbury and Meres and Mosses Housing Association in Wem to help enhance and improve their housing stock services. We are committed to delivering the best value multi fuel service for local people in the years ahead and we plan to focus strongly on continuous improvement and engagement with the local community.”

A Social Housing spokesman said: “This new contract will benefit our residents across the district. We recognise parent company Shropshire Gas has put a lot of hard work into the preparation of the contract and we are confident that the Shropshire Multi fuel company will deliver a high quality service and great efficiencies over the coming years.”

Across the region, Shropshire Gas, Shropshire Oil and Shropshire Solid Fuel carry out more than 20,000 repairs and gas safety inspections to homeowners and landlord tenanted properties each year. Staff employed mostly live within the respective boroughs and almost 100 per cent within a 20 mile radius of Shropshire Gas regional offices.

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